Hotel La Perla is a luxury hotel set in the beautiful Dolomite mountains of Northern Italy. In the winter months, many guests enjoy the extensive ski runs of the Sella Ronda, while in summer hiking and biking predominate. Throughout the year all luxuriate in the natural beauty of the mountains, which seem to energise owner Michil Costa. Michil and his team have been expertly managing the business to the principles of ECG since 2013.

What is the business?

  • 52 room hotel in Corvara (Italian Dolomite Mountains)
  • Member of the Leading Hotels of the World
  • Michelin-starred restaurant
  • Family owned (3rd generation). Costa Family – Michil Costa current CEO
  • Two other hotels under same ownership – another in Corvara and one in Tuscany
  • Early adopter of ECG Balance Sheet
  • Audited score in 2014 = 391

Key changes since adopting ECG

Decentralised management structure 

  • Staff involvement in decision-making
  • Financial performance transparency
  • Clear job descriptions

Improved working conditions

  • HR office established (note: previously a family function)
  • More attention to the individual’s working needs (e.g. home working)
  • Fairer salaries (lower differential between highest and lowest paid)
  • Transparent tip distribution system
  • Positively seeking to employ those from disadvantaged backgrounds or with physical or mental difficulties
  • Employees now referred to as collaborators or partners
  • Increased job satisfaction leading to lower recruitment costs

Environmental sustainability

  • Strict code of conduct when appointing suppliers. Preference given to those that adhere (formally or informally) to ECG values
  • Local provenance of food supplies wherever possible
  • Increased emphasis on reusing, recycling and waste reduction
  • No minibars in bedrooms to conserve energy

Profit distribution

  • No dividends paid. Family members receive fair salaries
  • Annual contributions of over €20,000 to Costa Foundation charity projects in Africa and India
  • Surplus funds reinvested in development of business

The impact of ECG – owner Michil Costa’s view

“ECG has brought a gentler energy to the business. We work hard but we make time for each other. Staff morale and motivation is much higher. Customer satisfaction is higher than ever and occupancy rates and income continue to rise.
What this shows me is you can run a business on the grounds of openness, fairness, human dignity and with care for the environment without detriment to its financial performance.” – Michil Costa

Photo credit: La Perla

The Costa Family have owned and managed La Perla for three generations. Michil (on the right) is pictured here with his parents and two brothers.