Bodan Organic Wholesalers understand the true purpose of doing business – good relationships with staff, suppliers and stakeholders.

What is the business: 

  • Organic food wholesaler 
  • 25 years old, 100 employees, 10,000 products 
  • 50 million euros turnover 
  • ECG pioneer company – early adopter of the balance sheet 
  • Completed its third Common Good Balance Report 

Key changes since adopting ECG 

Company culture 

  • Values of sustainability are spread throughout the whole organisation 
  • CEO feels he can step away from the business knowing that his legacy in terms of the company ethos is assured 
  • It has taken away the feeling that the workplace is a combat zone (food business is a tough business). 
  • Change in the company towards more reflection and clearer understanding of concepts 


Employee engagement 

  • One of the most dramatic and key changes has been amongst staff in terms of positive relationships through engagement and participation. 
  • Increased motivation amongst staff – they see themselves as pioneers who can make a difference 
  • Good effect on self-regulation of staff. They are happy in doing relatively simple work because they have the opportunity to effect improvements 
  • An increased understanding of the business has given staff a better understanding of how to support each other 


Improved working conditions  

  • A cap was put on overtime hours in order to ensure work/life balance.  


Relationship management 

  • Improved relationships with all stakeholder groups: customers, suppliers etc 
  • ECG is attractive for employees. Highly qualified staff are applying for any position in order to work for a good firm with an ECG ethos 
  • There is a heightened presence of the firm through transparency and increased communication 


The impact of ECG – owner Horst Mueller, former CEO, Bodan Organic Wholesale

The most important thing is the way in which we do business and our relationships in all aspects of the business – doing a good job and being told you’re doing a good job. 

The ‘soft’ factors are the most beneficial. Statistics and finance are a mirror to the business activity, not the business itself. It is impossible to say that it costs money to talk with employees. People have lost touch with reality if they only look at the financial balance sheet instead of the reality.