By becoming an individual member, you will join a like-minded community and network that is helping building a fairer society, one that cares for everyone and for the planet and much more:

  • You can set up an official ECG chapter in your area or join an existing one
  • You will receive regular internal updates about the movement (strategy, short term plan, priorities, opportunities for collaboration, participation, etc).
  • As an individual member, you have the right to put forward proposals to the ECG UK General Assembly, shape the debates and vote on final proposals concerning the movement
  • You can take part in international working groups and hubs, for example the Matrix development team, the consulting, auditing or Communications hub, etc.
  • You can volunteer with ECG UK to bring forward its strategy: help in tasks such as our social media and website communications, graphic design, fundraising and more


To join, simply accept our Code of Conduct, agree with our privacy notice and paying the annual membership fee of £50 (£25 concessions).

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