London Chapter 060717

We are a registered Community Interest Company  set up in 2017. We do the following things:

  • Members
    We recruit individual members and corporate supporters within the UK 
  • Build awareness and promote the adoption of ECG principles and tools in the UK.
    We do this through public speaking engagements, holding meetings with interested individuals and organisations and through contributing regularly on social media channels.
  • Training programmes for ECG consultants
    We run intensive training programmes in the Common Good Matrix, Common Good Report and Balance sheet for consultants who want to use these tools to help their client organisations adopt more people-and-planet-friendly business practices
  • Local Chapters 
    ECG is fundamentally a grassroots community-based movement and Local Chapters are its building blocks. Our role is to encourage and support people in communities across the UK to set up their own ECG Chapter to connect with businesses, local authorities and public bodies in their area. We provide information, resources and other support to help with this process.
  • Communications and information hub
    ECG UK is part of the international ECG movement and our team play an active role in that, through our participation in key governance bodies such as the annual Delegates Assembly and the Executive Committee and Members Council of the International Federation. We keep our UK members informed about news from the international movement through our newsletters and Local Chapter meetings; and vice versa.
  • Partnerships
    We seek to build partnerships with other organisations whose aims and values are aligned with our own. For example, in 2019 we worked with Promoting Economic Pluralism to run the inaugural Not The Nobel awards, in recognition of  economists who have made an outstanding contribution to their field from outside the orthodox framework of neoclassical economics.