ECG at the United Nations

Image: By Vassil - Own work, CC0,

UN offices at Palace of Nations, Geneva

On 21 and 22 March an international ECG team will attend the UN Regional Forum on Sustainable Development for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in Geneva, Switzerland to present ECG as an inclusive and sustainable economic model. Government representatives will be attending the forum and sharing their experiences in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) including a focus on what they can do to assist companies in delivering the goals. ECG is presenting a case study at a panel debate and will have a booth at the SDG fair showcasing the ECG Matrix and tools and how they address the SDGs. One of the questions prepared for a panel discussion is, ‘How can we make sure the Sustainable Development Goals do not promote a failing economic model and stop us from implementing deep structural change?‘ ECG has a coherent model which may just provide the answer!

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