Letter to the Guardian: Common Good Balance Sheet could help to take on ‘zombie elites’

By 21st January 2018News
Picture of a man in suit dressed up as a zombie

A letter to the editor of The Guardian by Andy Chapman, one of the Directors at the Economy for the Common Good UK CIC, has been published by the newspaper. Responding to to the article “Britain is being stalked by a zombie elite – time to take them on” by Guardian columnist Aditya Chakrabortty, he writes: “[The author] is right in his description of how the ‘zombie elites’ are ruining British economy and society. The Economy for the Common Good movement was founded in 2010 in the wake of the global banking crisis and in response to the manifest failures of neoliberal policies in a globalised world.

It offers an inspiring vision of a market economy in which success is measured by a company’s contribution to the common good and not simply on short-term financial value. It also offers practical tools to enable any organisation to evaluate its impact in this way. There are now hundreds of companies worldwide that produce their own Common Good Balance Sheets. Our future must surely lie with the progressive instincts and talents of ordinary people – and not the toxic prescriptions of the living dead!”

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